MasterFoods® launches special edition MAUCE… and gets Wolverine’s approval!

When Tommy Little, a comedian and breakfast radio announcer for Australian metropolitan radio station NOVA, ‘invented’ the idea of Tomato Sauce and Mustard in the one bottle, he wanted to pitch it to the leaders in the field. So he picked up the phone and called Mars Food Australia – makers of Australia’s favourite tomato sauce and #1 mustard. An on-air pitch to R&D Director, Peter Crane, and MasterFoods® was on board, pledging to create and produce a limited edition run for a listener giveaway.

Thanks to the hard work, flexibility and agility of a cross-functional team including R&D, marketing, commercial, activity management and manufacturing, Mars Food was able to prototype develop, design, produce and send a special run of 500 bottles to the station in just a few weeks.

Mauce already has a very special fan in Wolverine, Hugh Jackman, who was the first recipient of one of the limited edition Mauce bottles - http://www.novafm.com.au/station/nova100/show/meshel-and-tommy/article/mauce.

Although Mauce will not be for available in stores, consumers looking to try something different can get their hands on MasterFoods latest Limited Editions: Mexican Tomato Sauce and Spicy BBQ Sauce, in store now.

If it’s good enough for Wolverine…!