Bruck an der Leitha: a 53 million investment for the future

Bruck an der Leitha: a 53 million investment for the future

A total of 53 million euros – Mars Austria’s largest investment so far – were spent on a two-stage enlargement and replacement project at the Bruck petfood factory. First, in 2012–2014, a large new production hall was built and a highly efficient new production line for petfood in pouches installed for 33 million euros. This modern packaging form, which was introduced by Mars, is becoming ever more popular with pet owners. The products are exported to 60 countries worldwide.

Given the successful completion of the project and the still rising demand, an additional pouch line was installed in 2014, with an investment sum of 20 million euros.

Steam production uses the most energy of all processes in the Bruck factory. For that reason state-of-the-art steam-boiler burners have been installed, which allow for a highly efficient, low-emission combustion process. In conjunction with the flue gas heat exchanger for preheating the boiler water, energy consumption was reduced by 10 %.

Considerable progress in terms of energy saving was also achieved with the new hall’s heating system: The better-than-required insulation and the triple-glazed windows bring a 5 % reduction. A further 10 % in energy savings comes from the innovative floor heating system, which uses extra heat from the cooling water for heating purposes.