Committed to quality

Committed to quality
Taste comes from quality and explains why quality products from Mars are so delicious.

Soft creamy caramel, chocolate that melts in your mouth, crunchy biscuits and delicious milk fillings – only a few of the reasons why products from Mars are so popular. However, there is much behind the process of selecting the raw materials, next producing the individual components and finally making the finished product. Therefore, Mars controls every single step in the manufacturing process to ensure their products are of excellent quality and thus guarantee their unique taste.

"Taste and quality – two inseparable attributes in our view, because taste is largely dependent on the quality of the raw materials and the production process. This is just one more reason why we inspect our products from start to finish, strictly adhering to accredited quality standards", explains Claudia Cavaleiro, Mars Quality Representative. Quality assurance at Mars involves numerous tests and controls during and after the manufacturing process:

1. Microbiological Tests

To achieve that unmistakable taste of all Mars products, only top quality and certified raw materials are used. Before processing begins, they undergo additional microbiological testing. Product samples are tested in the laboratory for hazardous microorganisms, such as bacteria. Mars is using the same test method for checking semi-finished products (interim products) (e.g. cream, chocolate, caramel) as it does for finished goods. Products are not released unless microbiological results have verified they are unobjectionable. Therefore, Mars ensures both ingredients and finished products are of impeccable quality.

2. Quality Monitoring

In addition to laboratory analysis, the quality of Mars products is also thoroughly checked by our associates. Especially the finished products are in the focus of these quality inspections by our associates: At regular intervals, samples of finished products are taken, taste tested and evaluated by the associates. This quality control method ensures both high-value quality and good taste.

3. Labelling

At Mars, all components – from raw materials to packaging – are labelled. Thus the origin of all ingredients for each individual product can be traced. With this method of identification, it is easy for Mars to track down the raw materials involved and exactly which machine was used for packing the products.

4. Recognised Standards

The quality assurance at Mars complies with both international and national standards and ISO guidelines. One example is the IFS certification: The "International Food Standard" consists of a list of over 300 criteria that must be met to comply with this standard. Apart from quality assurance, the fact that Mars has made a voluntary commitment to work continuously on improvement processes has also been internationally recognised and certified as exemplary.

5. Monitoring right from the start

The manufacturing of all products at Mars is checked right from the beginning and continuously monitored. Ultimately, this includes inspecting the shape, weight, packaging and labelling. Not until all the aforementioned quality tests have been successfully completed, will the product be dispatched to the retail trade. This comprehensive controlling, from raw material selection to the finished product, guarantees a result with excellent quality. Claudia Cavaleiro: "The outstanding quality of our products is not only being verified through awards, certificates and recognised tests, but also complies with our own high standards. At the end of all this you achieve the kind of quality you can actually taste!"