Manager from Austria trains cocoa farmers in Ghana

Manager from Austria trains cocoa farmers in Ghana

The “Mars Ambassador Program” enables Mars associates from all over the world to get personally involved in a social or a development project supported by the company. Mars pays for all the associate’s travel and accommodation expenses, and the days invested are credited as working time.

In 2014, Roman Wüllner from Mars Austria’s Service & Finance Department took part in a MAP project. Together with nine colleagues from all over the world he spent a week in Ghana, training cocoa farmers in cost calculation and other basic business management techniques. And, he states, he himself also “greatly benefited from this experience”.

In West Africa some six million small farmers produce most of the global cocoa harvest. This is very hard work, and they – and their offspring – will only continue with it if it provides them with enough income to feed their families. Their success in business is therefore also of key significance for the future availability of this important raw material for the chocolate industry.

Mars, together with other companies and NGOs, therefore supports a number of development projects in the region. Please find more information on mars.com