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We focus on providing tasty, convenient and quality food for today's busy consumer.

MARS Food’s  products – including Uncle Ben’s®, Miracoli®, Pamesello®, Ebly® and Suzi Wan® – are made with quality ingredients, practical and trustworthy, but make no concessions on taste.
MARS Food’s recipes respect the integrity of their ingredients to preserve their nutritional qualities, without any artificial additives or preservatives.

World cuisine and flavours also inspire MARS Food. Uncle Ben’s® includes a broad range of sauces from around the world, while Suzi Wan® offers a variety of relishes and cooking aids with Asian flavours.

UNCLE BEN's® rice

UNCLE BEN’s® rice: perfect every time

By including rice on your menu, you bring variation and balance to your daily meals. Rice offers so many possibilities: wok meals, classic dishes, eastern preparations, …  Discover the wide range of UNCLE BEN’s® and vary: from long grain rice to Basmati rice to Thai rice,  or try our UNCLE BEN’s® Express rice, ready in two minutes. The choice is up to you.

UNCLE BEN'S® sauces

Taste the world with the delicious UNCLE BEN’s® sauces.

UNCLE BEN’s® travelled around the world looking for the most appreciated recipes. Enjoy the Mediterranean herbs in the Provençale sauce, the crispy vegetables in the Sweet & Sour sauce, the exotic combination of cocomilk and curry in our Coconut Curry sauce, …

A taste for every one. Easy & quick can be very delicious!

MIRACOLI® Pasta Kits

The best recipes of pasta in a kit with the magical Mama Miracoli’s mix of spices!

Since 1961, a sure and easy-to-prepare meal to enjoy every day the delicious authentic Italian cuisine for the entire family.Pasta, sauce, secret spices of Mama Miracoli and PAMESELLO®  cheese, you'll find all packaged in a handy kit. Try the different varieties: the classic spaghetti with tasty tomato sauce, the macaroni with cheese sauce and spices, the spaghetti piccante with spicy sauce and the tagliatelle with mushrooms. Buon Appetito!

MIRACOLI® Pasta Sauces

Delicious MIRACOLI® pasta sauces: irresistible for the whole family.

Italian food keep on surprising you!
This is why MIRACOLI® has expanded its range of sauces in the 90s with delicious Mediterranean sauces in different formats and for all tastes: from a classic tomato sauce to a rich tomato sauce with delicious Mediterranean vegetables.
Use your imagination and use these delicious MIRACOLI® sauces in your lasagna, pasta or your cannelloni.


Delicious grated cheese to give more flavor to your pasta dishes.

No more spaghetti or pasta sauce without ... PAMESELLO®!
PAMESELLO®  is a delicious cheese which will give your pasta dishes and Italian meals an extra flavor.


Tender wheat grains

EBLY®, tender wheat grains you can combine with 101 ingredients. For those who do not have many time to cook, EBLY® Express offers in only 2 minutes a delicious dish.


The SUZI WAN® range brings the Far East closer to our homes.

In no time you can prepare an exotic meal with the SUZI WAN® products : eastern noodles, sauces, Asian vegetables, soy sauce, or coco milk. SUZI WAN® stimulates your senses !


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