Belgian Multisales Associates energized by Foodie Pride Day

Belgian Multisales Associates energized by Foodie Pride Day

Introduced by Erik Owino, Plant Manager of Olen, the workshop had three individual but connected sessions aimed at helping Belgian Associates become passionate and more knowledgeable about Food, enabling them to be confident, proud ambassadors for all the Food brands, products and services.

The Corporate Affair Team in Brussel was looking for ways to deliver learning days focused on each segment over the course of the year. The Foodie Pride Day was preceded by two very successful and enriching Segment Days, The Better World For Pets Day and the Chocolate Pride Day!

We looked at how to take the core of the Food Academy and the Discovering Food Program and make it relevant to a Multisales audience and deliver it in a highly interactive and engaging way.

“The resulting workshop program gave Associates the chance to rotate between three ‘booths’, each with a different focus. Session One was entitled, ‘Drive the Category with our customers - Reach billions of new consumers’. Looking at how to drive the Category by growing Dry Rice & grain, Ready to Heat, Italian meals & local jewels, focusing on our local ambitions and Food Vision and looking at how to reach billions of new consumers by delivering tastier, healthier easier favourite meals. This session was given in collaboration with Walter De Man, Scientific Affairs & Nutrition Principle Scientist.

The second was about ‘Waste less today for a better world tomorrow’ and about how to work towards this goal by achieving operational excellence. Associates got the opportunity to visit the State of the art Uncle Ben’s Dry Rice Factory in Olen.

The third session was about ‘Extending succes to everyone in our value chain’ by acting as a catalyst through our associates, brands & sourcing strategy.

We were honored to have Luc Beerens, Global Sourcing Director Rice, taking us through the great work Mars is doing on the Field in order to make sure our Rice is sourced in a sustainable way.

Each ‘booth’ session was made up of presentations and activities hosted by local and global Food teams!

Confirming the successful workshop format Erik said: “It was a fantastic occasion for our Associates – very engaging and informative. And a lot of fun too! I would thoroughly recommend rolling this shortened program out – we have had excellent feedback from Associates.”

Part of the OGSM for the Food Segment is to ensure 100% of all new joiners have participated in a Food Academy within 6 months. We in Belgium do wish to help all Associates to become knowledgeable proud Food Associates; this is why those inspiring Segment Days are crucial to up-skill or refresh All Multisales Associates.

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