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Cocoa sustainability

Mars' unique investments have launched a new era in cocoa. Today, cocoa is seen as not just a commodity, but also as a potential engine for economic growth, social improvement and environmental stability. This commitment will make a positive difference across the whole supply chain; from the cocoa farmer to the chocolate consumer. We have a shared vision: a more sustainable cocoa industry where farmers benefit and nature is conserved. Since the early 1990s, the Rainforest Alliance has helped more than 30,000 family farms and cooperatives in 22 tropical countries achieve a high standard of sustainable agriculture – in partnership with Mars, these figures are set to grow significantly. Mars, as a family-owned company, has a long-standing tradition of active engagement in communities involved in our business activities. We are investing considerable resources in both human capital and financial support to ensure the long-term sustainability of the entire cocoa supply chain.

Iniciativas Globais

Globalmente a Mars preocupa-se com a ciência, o cultivo e as comunidades dependentes do cacau.

Iniciativas América Latina