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Health and Nutrition
Pleasure in Balance.

Since 1911, Mars has created great quality, delicious chocolate for people around the world to enjoy. We have stayed true to the simple idea that Mars is in business to help people get the most pleasure out of every chocolate moment.

For today’s consumer, that pleasure includes knowing how food choices fit in with a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Although we still believe in providing the most delicious taste we can through chocolate experiences, we also recognize the need to provide clear information that will help people make more informed choices.

That’s why here at Mars we believe in achieving “Pleasure in Balance” – which simply means balancing the pleasure we provide through our brands with the need to encourage an active, healthier lifestyle.

Mars aspires be a true leader in the industry. For Mars, it’s a journey that starts with cocoa farms in Brazil, touches every point along our supply chain, and doesn’t simply end with a bar of the best chocolate available. It’s a journey that includes real product innovation to make our great tasting chocolate as good -- and as good for you -- as it can be. As a private, family-owned company, Mars has the freedom to invest and pioneer the industry on this endeavor.

It’s all part of our ongoing ambition – to foster “pleasure in balance” by creating your every-day chocolate moments even better.

1) We’ll always make 100% quality products and we’ll never compromise on taste.

2) We will maintain the highest levels of food safety for all our products.

3) We continuously improve the nutritional quality of our products, making efforts to reduce calories, saturated fats and artificial ingredients.

a. Maximum calories per portion: 250Kcal
b. Portions of 25g and 30g
c. Zero Trans in M&M’S and SNICKERS.

4) We will provide clear and transparent information to our consumers and their families so that they can make informed decisions.

a. We will include GDA labeling on all our products, empowering consumers to make informed choices until the end of 2009.
b. Health and Nutrition Information are available in our corporate webpage at –

5) We will market responsibly and not direct advertising at children under 12.

a. We were the first food company to announce we would not promote our products to children under 12 within the markets we operate. We have a volunteer market code that clearly describes our practices and orients us towards responsible marketing.

6) We will continue to support sustainable cocoa farming – just as we have done for more than 30 years.

The MCCS (Mars Center of Cocoa Science), in Barro Preto – Ilhéus was recreated to support Mars global strategy within Chocolate segment, continuously maintaining and leveraging its leadership in cocoa science through:

- Studies about cocoa productivity through large variety of trees,

- Studies towards fighting cocoa diseases;

- Exploratory studies about chocolate flavor and its healthy attributes as cocoa flavanol,

- Strengthening of cocoa breeding;

- Development of the communities (education, health and training)

7) We will provide our Associates with the tools and resources needed to live active and healthy lifestyles, helping them to serve as role models within their communities.

8) We will go beyond our consumers’ expectations for what it means to be a responsible manufacturer and marketer of chocolate products by partnering with governments, NGOs and the science and medical community to promote healthy lifestyles and healthy living.

Health and Nutrition initiatives

Mars committed to a healthy lifestyle.  

Health and Nutrition Commitments

Our commitments to support healthy active lifestyles.

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