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Align with Global Mars Strategy of Sustainability, Mars Brazil, Mogi Mirim site, pioneers the development of projects related to self-sufficiency in water and stands for a benchmark for other units inside the company. The project exceeds environmental standards, making a difference to People and the Planet.

Self-sufficiency and responsible use of water in the site; Elimination of effluents and provision at the city water systems

As one of the biggest users of the water supply system at Municipality Industrial Area, Mars could not risk to compromise the water supply of other companies and citizens of the city. The solution was the self-sufficiency: the creation of a system to capture, treat and reuse water.

The project started in 2006 and involved the associates through the implementation of practices, techniques and technologies so the water could be captured, reduced, reused and recycled in an intelligent and responsible way.

With the project, Mars Brazil assures the protection and conservation of water resources in the Mogi Mirim region; safety and autonomy of water supply at the factory that uses 14 thousand cubic meters of water per month; reduces the operational costs; improves the quality of water at the processes and reduces the consumption of water and generation of effluents. In other words, the whole project strengthens Mars efforts on Sustainability and reduces the costs of the operation.