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In everything we do, we strive for sustainability to be the important measure of quality.

At Mars Canada, we are working towards sustainable products through responsible cocoa farming practices.  

In the rural West African countries of Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon, cocoa is the primary agricultural export of the region and is vital to the economy. But outdated farming techniques, plant disease and poor social structures in rural communities have presented a number of challenges for local farmers. Mars is dedicated to improving sustainable conditions for cocoa farmers through:    

  • Cocoa research: Mars scientists continue to work on integrated pest management techniques and breeding a new generation of disease resistant cocoa trees.

  • The World Cocoa Foundation: As a founding member, Mars works with the foundation to deliver practical farming knowledge directly to farmers. The Foundation also supports the Sustainable Tree Crops Program in West Africa, a program dedicated to generating rural income growth for cocoa farming communities.

  • Leading industry collaborations: Mars has partnerships with leading NGOs and development agencies for a $4.5 million program to provide economic, educational and environmental assistance to cocoa growing communities and individuals in West Africa.



We are fully dedicated to giving back to our communities – the places we work, raise our children, and build our lives – to ensure a sustainable future.

In an industry first, Mars' Petcare business announced its commitment to using only sustainably sourced fish by 2020.  Set against backdrop of dwindling global fish stocks, Mars, which operates on of the world's largest petcare businesses - has worked with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to develop a fish sustainability commitment.  The company aims to achieve the following milestones, across its entire petcare portfolio
  • Only using fish from 100% sustainable wild catch and sustainable aquaculture sources.
  • Replacing all wild catch whole fish and fish fillet with sustainable fish by-products and sustainable aquaculture.
  • Only using sustainable alternatives to marine fish ingredients.



We believe partnerships are the essence of sustainability and will amplify the impact of our collective goals.

Partnership with Rainforest Alliance:

  • In April 2009 Mars committed to sourcing 100,000 tonnes of Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa per year by 2020.
  • Mars committed to sourcing the first UTZ CERTIFIED cocoa beans – a worldwide certification program that sets the standard for responsible cocoa production and sourcing. Mars, the Rainforest Alliance and UTZ CERTIFIED together have a shared vision: a more sustainable cocoa industry, characterized by productive and profitable farms that create vibrant cocoa communities.       

  • Canada is committed to an entirely sustainably produced cocoa supply by 2020.



We believe sustainability is efficiency and makes good business sense.

Efficient, sustainable water initiatives: Water sustainability is fast becoming a major issue all over the world. At Mars, we are committed to reducing the use of water: Water bottle ban in head office since December 2008. Since then, 14,000 plastic water bottles have been diverted from landfill.

  • One program implemented at Mars Canada is the Pet Plant Poucher, a high efficiency packaging machine that reduces carbon emissions.

  • Reducing Carbon Footprint: Canadian plants are actively installing lighting efficiencies, better measurement tools and implementing new recycling initiatives. We continue to reduce our carbon footprint by at least 3% every year. 

  • Waste reduction: We have implemented a number of waste reduction practices: Mars Canada has achieved at least 35% Paper Reduction. Mars Canada has achieved 45% Office Waste Reduction since 2009. At least 150 tonnes of cardboard and paper have been recycled since January 2009. This is equivalent to 2,693 mature trees. Have eliminated 278,700 disposable cafeteria plastics from landfill. 

  • Food Plant Water Recycling System: Reduced water retort usage to almost 0%. Prior to this system, the plant consumed 1/3 of Bolton’s water.



We know there is more to be done. We use our freedom to Live to Give Back believe.

Mars Canada Sustainability team: We have a team of dedicated associates that come together to discuss ongoing sustainability efforts taking place at Mars Canada, and find new ways of implementing sustainable business practices. A formal training program developed for sustainability has also been put in place to inform, educate, and bring awareness around sustainability to associates.

  • Hybrid parking spots: The Mars Canada office has introduced Hybrid Parking Spots as a way to reward those associates that have chosen to drive low-emission and hybrid cars.

  • Waste Reduction: A composting system on site and the use of 100% eco-friendly cleaning products continue to be best practices at the Mars Canada office.   

  • Tree Plant Program: At the Mars Canada head office in Caledon, a tree planting program is underway to offset the sales force carbon emissions. This also demonstrates Mars' commitment to the environment


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