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Our Principles in Action


From its early beginnings, Mars, Incorporated has been guided by its founding family’s values. The Five Principles of Mars – Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency, and Freedom – give purpose and direction to our business and make us unique as a company.

We recognize that, as one of the world’s largest food companies, our actions have a significant impact upon people we touch and precious natural resources. We have a responsibility to build a business that is sustainable for generations to come.

Our Principles in Action bring our Principles to life … strengthening our company’s performance by making a positive difference towards people and the planet.

By putting Our Principles in Action, we are applying values that are constant to a world in constant change. 



Cocoa Certification
Mars aims to certify its entire cocoa supply as being produced in a sustainable manner by 2020.
Mars Canada Volunteer Program
We are fully dedicated to giving back to our communities.
PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive
The PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive is a fundraising campaign to help dogs find loving homes.
Water Reduction Initiatives

Since 2004, our Foods plant has reduced our water usage by almost 80%.

Fish Sustainability
Mars commits to 100% sustainably sourced fish by 2020.
Mars Ambassador Program (MAP)
The MAP gives Mars associates the opportunity to show their personal commitment to making a difference to people and the planet.


Our commitment to sustainability is driven by innovation.


Giving back to the communities in which we operate.


Sustainability Examples

Our commitment to sustainability is driven innovation.