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In a world of openness, transparency and scrutiny, it is actions not words that matter.
At Mars, we have a deep respect for the environment and communities in which we operate and acknowledge our considerable impacts on people and the planet . We rely on farmers and nature for many of our ingredients. We operate 132 factories worldwide, serve millions of consumers around the globe and employ more than 65,000 people across our diverse business segments .

Being a privately owned company gives us the freedom to take a long-term view. We can make investments that demonstrate our responsibility not only to our owners, but to all the people and communities with whom we work. Our approach is focused on creating lasting, mutual benefits for our business and all those involved in its success.

We are a global company that acts locally. Our business segments are decentralized and, while many decisions are driven by needs in each market, we are always guided by our Five Principles of Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom, which have shaped our culture and our business for decades.

A company of our size and global scope affects people and the planet in many ways. We must identify the social and environmental impacts most significant (or “material”) to our business, and our stakeholders, and focus our efforts appropriately .

We know that making principle-based decisions alone will not help us address these challenges. It is by working with others , including our customers, suppliers, governments, nongovernmental organizations, industry, academia and research centers that we can create a mutually successful future. We hope this website will start new conversations and create opportunities for additional successful collaborations.

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Make a difference by integrating Sustainability into all elements of our business
Health and Nutrition

Mars is committed to promoting active lifestyles
Responsible Pet Ownership

Let the pets live happily and harmoniously among us
Our Associates

At Mars we believe in people and potential.
Mars in the Community

Making contribution to the communities we live in


Mars China believes that we can authentically make a difference by integrating Sustainability into all elements of our business.

Health & Nutrition

Our commitment to a healthy lifestyle from mars....

Cocoa Sustainability