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Cocoa Flavanols
The Secret of Cocoa Flavanols
For the past twenty years, Mars has been leading the research on cocoa flavanols’ potential benefits for health, improving processing techniquess and raising cocoa flavanols contents in the products.

What Are Cocoa Flavanols?

To understand cocoa flavanols, first we must know something about them. They are a kind of flavonoid substance which has great benefits to human health and can improve the health of human hearts. Researchers in the UK find that flavanols can greatly enhance human brains’ calculation ability. There is enough data showing that the appropriate dose of flavanols can prevent the organs’ function degradation. The more fruits and vegetables with flavanols we eat, the more it does to our brains. Flavanols are abundantly contained in apples, grapes, red wines, teas and cocoa. Cocoa flavanols are especially owned by cocoa.

The Intimate Relationship between Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Flavanols

Dark chocolate is the chocolate with the highest amount of cocoa. Its cocoa flavanols content is magnificently higher than other chocolates. Because of its highest cocoa content, dark chocolate becomes the chocolate with the highest content of cocoa flavanols. Scientists also find that cocoa flavanols are quite delicate, as its content in raw cocoa is high, but unfortunately during cocoa’s processing into chocolate, cocoa flavanols are easily ruined. In some traditional processing techniques, cocoa flavanols are drained easily. Many manufacturers use more scientific techniques to prevent ithem from draining. Generally speaking, high cocoa content doesn’t necessarily mean high cocoa flavanol content. It all depends on how the cocoa is processed. Different techniques will result in different cocoa flavanol content. For example, a processing technique call Cocoapro™ has been used for decades and it is one of the most widely-used techniques in cocoa processing as it can keep the cocoa flavanols in the maximum amount. It can be found in the market as several chocolate brands, such as Dove by Mars are labelled using this technique.

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