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Responsible pet ownership

Responsible Pet Ownership means the pet owner should live by the standards that can benefit both the owner and the pet, to improve pet’s living conditions and through consistent effort to make pet ownership a part of social life.

RPO is the abbreviation of Responsible Pet Ownership. It doesn’t only require the owner to be responsible for its own pet, but also be responsible for the environment around. RPO is a crucial factor in the health development of the pet industry. It involves owners’ attitudes and behaviors of raising the pets, actions to various activities to do good to the pets and to provide pets with more appropriate care. Through these meaningful actions, it means to achieve social identification of the pet industry.

If every member of our society can abide by the rules of mutual benefit and protect the environment and space we are living in, the world will become a more friendly, loving and peaceful place. Actually, it is exactly what PRO believes and promises. Currently, in our society there are different opinions on keeping pets, especially dogs. The RPO is aiming to raise owners’ sense of responsibility, to give a more comfortable environment for the pets, to let the people who don’t have pets stay undisturbed and to make the owners best enjoy themselves with the joys pets bring them. It will certainly shape a better social environment.

RPO’s mission includes:
  - To show the positive effects of pets to the society
  - To win public approval of pets
  - To make pet owners more relaxed and proud of their pets
  - To make everyone a responsible citizen

Pets have brought endless happiness to our lives. At the same time, we also have our obligations and responsibilities. When you offer compassion to your pet, you must understand it and manage necessary scientific knowledge on pet caring.

To let the pets live happily and harmoniously among us, Mars is calling the pet owners to do the following:

1. Be responsible for the society and be a civilized pet owner. Abide by the urban administration rules and regulations. Keep the community’s sanitation. Respect the rights of residents who don’t own pets. 
  - Register the home-owned dog and get a license. 
  - When taking the dog outside, a collar and leash are highly recommended to prevent the dog from going missing.
  - When taking the dog outside, please take a shovel and a garbage bag to clean the dog waste. 
  - Give your dog proper behavior training to prevent it from barking and biting.

2. Be responsible for the pet’s health. Learn about pet’s living behaviors. Scientifically raise and train the pet. Prevent disease and disease infection. 
  - Give the pet regular vaccinations.
  - When the pet is ill, take it to a veterinarian on time.
  - Give the pet enough exercises.
  - Regularly give the pet a cleaning.
  - Keep a balanced diet for the pet and prepare enough clean drinking water for it.
  - Give a pet a bed-set and keep its food dish clean in a separate place.

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