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Environment (SIG)
Through efforts of our generation to realize sustainable development of the factory
We are developing an approach that aims to eliminate our fossil fuel energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, to minimize our impact on water quality and availability, and to mitigate the impacts of waste creation. We call this our Sustainable in a Generation (SiG) program.

As part of this program, we have committed to achieving zero fossil fuel energy use and greenhouse gas emissions from our operations by 2040. We are working on similar long-term commitments for water and waste. In all areas we are beginning by reducing usage and, therefore, impacts and have set hard reduction targets for the short term.

Now, Mars China has achieved magnificent visible accomplishment in this field.

October 2008
Jiaxing chocolate factory generated steam using natural gas instead of diesel to reduce carbon dioxide emission.

May 2009
In Huairou chocolate factory, a 500-cubic-meter rainwater storage pond was put into use. The factory won the Excellent Award of Saving Water in Beijing of the Year.

June 2009
Huairou pet food factory used energy saving technology to re-collect afterheat of the exhaust gas from the dryers. Steam consumption was reduced by 45%.

October 2009
Huairou pet food factory first installed more than 1100 sets of T5 energy-saving lamps to replace the ordinary T8 lamps.

November 2009
Huairou chocolate factory brought in clean energy and installed solar lightening tube.

Janurary 2010
Mars China held the First Annual Meeting of Sustainable Development, Energy-Saving and Emission Reduction in Beijing.

April 2010
Huairou chocolate factory first adopted wind adjust air conditioning technique

July 2010
Jiaxing chocolate factory first brought in and installed solar water heater.

August 2010
Huairou pet food factory completed steam pipe improvement to save energy and keep warm. Steam consumption was reduced by 12%.

January 2011
Mars China held the Second Annual Meeting of Sustainable Development, Energy-Saving and Emission Reduction in Beijing, for better gathering and exchanging ideas on environment protection and energy saving.

Mars China’s project on sustainable development, energy-saving and emission reduction have greatly stimulated associates’ potential. Like a single spark lighting a great fire, many valuable ideas were produced. Environmental-Protection Talents are emerging in great numbers.


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