The first phase of the Kids Smile Russia program is completed

Wrigley Company Foundation together with the Russian Dental Association have completed the first phase of the Kids Smile Russia program.

Charitable program Kids Smile Russia organized by the Russian Dental Association and Wrigley Company Foundation and conducted with the participation of Chelyabinsk region non-governmental organization Dentist Association

Non-governmental healthcare institution RZD Chelyabinsk Station Dental Clinic which belongs to OAO RZD – RZD Medicine healthcare network and has a status of an innovation center of the Russian Dental Association was engaged as a program partner to provide professional dental care.

As part of the program, children living in large or single-parent families, families with physically challenged children, small children or unemployed parents received modern dental care. The total of 253 children from Chelyabinsk and Chelyabinsk region (Yetkul, Korkino, Troitsk, Yuzhnouralsk, Kopeysk etc.) aged between 7 and 18 participated in the program. They received medical advice of pediatric dentists, professional hygiene procedures, caries treatment for primary and permanent teeth, as well as orthodontic examination and treatment.

Pediatric dentists of RZD Chelyabinsk Station Dental Clinic held game-based workshops “Oral hygiene lessons” for elementary grade students from the following Chelyabinsk schools: Secondary School No. 15, Gymnasium No. 80, Secondary School No. 121, Lyceum No. 120, RZD Boarding School No. 15, RZD Primary School – Kindergarten No. 67. All in all, 300 school boys and girls took part in the game-based workshops.

School principals and parents of students thanked organizers of the Kids Smile Russia program for their contribution to keeping kids’ smiles healthy and beautiful, and for helping them form the rights oral care habits.

Scope of dental services provided as part of the program:

1. Pediatric dentist advice – 253
2. Orthodontist advice – 20
3. Complete initial orthodontic examination – 17
4. Plate placement by an orthodontist – 4
5. Trainer placement by an orthodontist – 13
6. Treatment of primary teeth caries – 38
7. Treatment of permanent teeth caries – 42
8. Fissure sealing – 38
9. Professional oral hygiene procedures for children with transitional dentition – 15
10. Professional oral hygiene for children with permanent dentition – 15

The Association of Public Unions “Russian Dental Association” is a nation-wide professional association and the largest non-governmental organization in the country for specialists of a particular type of medical care. It unites and coordinates efforts to protect professional rights of dental care specialists in Russia and includes 73 regional organizations and 28 specialist groups (sections). One of the Association’s key priorities is to represent the interests of dentists at the legislation level to the public and government in order to ensure highly professional dental care and provide dentists with opportunities for professional and creative development.

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