How to keep a smile healthy

Schoolchildren in the Moscow District of Saint Petersburg learned more about how to keep their smiles healthy 

Saint Petersburg, April 20, 2017 – The Creativity Center for Children and Youth of the Moscow District hosted an exciting event dedicated to the World Oral Health Day.                                                   

During the event, young guests learned how to care for their mouths and teeth properly and went on a tour of interactive stations: “The Secret Life of Teeth”, “Clean Properly”, “My Personal Cup”, “Interesting Facts about Teeth”. They were also invited to take part in a tooth brushing relay. During a tour, young guests learned the names and functions of different teeth and rules of proper oral care and even decorated their own toothbrush cups in a playful way.

“Beauty of a smile is one of the lasting values, and we at Wrigley make sure that this simple pleasure – a smile – is available to as many people as possible. We are very happy that the celebration of the World Oral Health Day was so exciting and entertaining this year and took place in the Moscow District of Saint Petersburg, where our sugar-free gum factory is located.

The Creativity Center for Children and Youth of the Moscow District is a unique place with a special atmosphere that fosters creativity among children and youth. Last year marked the 85th anniversary of the Center, where thousands of children have learned many new skills. This year added another interesting and useful lesson to the Center’s curriculum.

A hygiene lesson in such an entertaining and interactive format enabled the children to learn more about how to care for the beauty of their smiles properly. As a manufacturer of sugar-free gum – one of the oral care products – we believe that early prevention is the foundation of dental health. During the lesson the children learned about how different products effect dental health, how to decrease the risks of diseases, why it is so important to visit a dentist and how to care for their teeth properly,” said Nadezhda Lobacheva, Head of Corporate Relations, Wrigley Russia.

The festive mood was created by gift sets from the DRC Group, a manufacturer and supplier of high quality oral care products R.O.C.S., and its special line of products for sensitive teeth R.O.C.S. Teens.

The event was organized under the aegis of the Kids Smile Russia charitable initiative. Supported by the Wrigley Company Foundation, the Russian Dental Association and the DRC Group, the Kids Smile Russia charitable initiative has been underway since December 2016. The mission of the initiative is to promote healthy smiles in Russia, which means both early treatment and high quality prevention.

“The Creativity Center for Children and Youth of the Moscow District provides classes for more than 8,000 children helping them develop their creativity, fulfill their potential and acquire new knowledge. We are happy to host this year’s World Oral Health Day event at our Center. Promoting dental disease prevention measures and teaching children how to care for their teeth properly is an important mission and we are proud of carrying it out together with Wrigley and DRC,” said Elena Vergizova, Director of the Creativity Center for Children and Youth of the Moscow District of Saint Petersburg.

The event started with Svetlana Sverdlova, a board certified primary care dentist, who revealed the secrets of a healthy smile to the young guests.

“Dental health depends largely on proper oral care. Following a few simple rules will keep your teeth healthy for many years to come. Make sure you visit your dentist regularly, clean your teeth twice a day and use additional means for dental disease prevention such as oral rinse, dental floss and sugar-free chewing gum,” said Svetlana Sverdlova, Curriculum Director at the Department of Dental Surgery and Medical Technology, Saint Petersburg University, a board certified primary care dentist.