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Health and nutrition
As a responsible producer of chocolate, Mars is committed to promoting active lifestyles and educating consumers on making responsible snackfood choices.

At Mars, we have always believed in good food.  Back in 1911, our consumer was looking for a delicious, affordable and convenient chocolate product.  And now, as we approach our company's 100th anniversary as a global food manufacturer, they still do.

What has changed is the environment we operate in.

Social and economic changes have had a major impact on both diet and lifestyle.  Today’s lifestyles mean that we spend  less time moving around,  so we don’t have as many opportunities to exercise and burn off the energy our calorie-heavy diet provides us with.

In more recent years, we have also seen a steep rise in the levels of obesity.

At Mars, we acknowledge these changes to the modern world.  That’s why we are committed to acting responsibly and making a positive contribution toward solving the obesity problem.

We believe taking pleasure in food is part of a rich and enjoyable life.  It is simply about striking a balance.  We are committed to offering great tasting products of high quality,  guided by our Health and Nutrition strategy. 

Explore how we’ve changed, and how we’re changing.

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