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Participation in Hrave žij zdrave

As part of its Responsibility commitment to help consumers adopt healthier lifestyles, Mars Czech Republic – in partnership with other food producers – has been playing a leading role in the country’s Hrave žij zdrave (Play and live healthily) campaign.
The scheme is an educational campaign, whose objective is to educate Czech children on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and physical activity.
The programme was launched in 2008 and, following the endorsement of the country’s Ministry of Health and active participation of its leading nutritionist, Dr. Iva Málková, has been joined by almost 7,500 children supervised by 624 teachers. The information are presented  as a four-lesson, Internet-based course ending with a competition.
Children are asked to keep an online record of their daily diet, drinks and the physical activity they take. They then receive personalized feedback from Dr. Málková, the initiative’s lead sponsor, in the form of an email containing tips on diet and exercise.The lessons, which children have to complete to qualify for the final competition, are on the different aspects of a healthy lifestyle: how to create a balanced diet; the role of various food groups – bread and cereals, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, meat, and others; the importance of hydration and healthy snacking; and the benefits of sport and physical activity.
To support the lessons, more in-depth information on key areas, like voluntary nutritional GDA labeling (Guideline Daily Amounts) are also taught.

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