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Mars in the Czech republic and Slovakia operates in four segments: Chocolate, Petcare, Food and Wrigley Gum and Confections.


Our chocolate segment  provides consumer with world known products such as SNICKERS®, MARS®, TWIX®, M&M'S®, MILKY WAY®, MILKY WAY MINUTE® and BOUNTY®.  Seven of the twenty most frequently sold chocolate snacks worldwide are made by Mars.


We are proud, that Mars, leading provider in petcare, was one of the first companies to bring petfood to the Czechoslovakia already in 1992. Our petfood includes popular brands such as WHISKAS®, PEDIGREE®, CHAPPI®, KITEKAT®, CESAR®, SHEBA®, FROLIC® and PERFECT FIT®.


In our Food segment, UNCLE BEN'S®  brand with its convenient and tasty ideas bring savoury variety to any table.

Wrigley Gum & Confections

By combining Mars, Incorporated and Wrigley in October 2008, popular brands of chewing gum and confections such as ORBIT®, AIRWAVES® , WINTERFRESH® SOLANO® or SUGUS® were added to the Mars, Incorporated well known confections' portfolio of  SKITTLES®, STARBURST® and LOCKETS®.

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