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The Mars Family Business.

Mars, Incorporated, is one of the most prominent producers of brands in the world. This family-owned company generates more than 30 billion dollars in sales every year. The foundation of their success is not money, but rather the company's constant creativity and sharp instinct for trends that have continually brought Mars forward, step-by-step, after almost a century of business.

The story begins in 1911 in Tacoma, a harbor in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Frank C. Mars had 400 dollars in his pocket and definitely knew how to make chocolate candies. He founded a "Candy Factory", where his own kitchen began producing a modest income. That was not enough for this young candy maker.  He wanted to make something different, something completely new - a chocolate that would make people stand in line. In 1923 - the family was now back home in Minnesota - Frank had his idea. Together with his son, Forrest, he combined three treats popular at that time: chocolate candy, chocolate bars and malted milk, a new drink back then, but with a taste of caramel. Their creation was longer and thicker than any piece of candy or chocolate bar at that time. The added taste of caramel was stronger than in a malted milk. Here was a thick, creamy, chewy, filled chocolate bar that sold more than in their wildest dreams. This was the first stone in the foundation leading to a global company: Mars, Incorporated.

Complete food for pets

After Mars had become a household name in the USA, the company decided to make the big leap across the Atlantic to Europe. Back to the roots so to speak as the Mars ancestors originally came from Holland. Forrest Mars went to England in 1932 and founded "Mars Confectionery" in Slough. After only three years he realized that like his father, he also had a nose for emerging trends. With capital from the chocolate business he purchased a small company named Chappel Brothers that was producing food for dogs. Most people at that time thought it very strange indeed to be feeding a pet anything other than table scraps. However, dog owners were soon won over by Mars and their brand Chappie. Mars soon began producing petfood on a large scale from their own recipes based on scientific nutritional standards.

Civilian Use of Military Ideas

Forrest Mars met some soldiers during the Spanish Civil War who had covered their chocolate with a hard, sugary shell to keep it from melting. Once back home, Mars began research on developing chocolate candy covered with a colored sugar coating. They would "melt in your mouth, not in your hand": M&M'S. The first customers were soldiers in the US Army.

Forrest Mars continued his search for future trends, this time in 1941 together with Gordon Harwell, owner of a company named Converted Rice. Harwell was producing rice where the grains remained loose during cooking while still retaining all its vitamins. The good contact Forrest Mars had with the army resulted in some thankful customers: American soldiers fighting in WWII. Why wouldn't this high quality rice also be appreciated in civilian kitchens? During a business lunch, Harwell and Mars were talking about "Uncle Ben's", a brand Harwell had begun using in the 1930s. Forrest Mars realized that Uncle Ben needed a face. The photograph, still seen on today's packs, was the needed breakthrough. In 1952, only six years after launching Uncle Ben's Converted Rice, the brand became market leader in the USA.

Mars comes to Czech Republic and Slovakia

Mars, Incorporated, established its business in former Czechoslovakia in 1992 as one of the “western investors” following the political and economic changes in the country. Several years later, in 1998, the Corporation decided to invest in production facilities, manufacturing sugar confectionery.
Mars Czech Republic and Slovakia is based in two locations. The Czech office is based in Porící nad Sázavou in the beautiful Benešov region. The Slovak office is in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.
Our commercial/sales division currently employs more than 130 Associates working in different functions like marketing, sales, finance, human resources, IT etc. As a result of our ethical and Five Principles based, long term business strategy, we are seen as a reliable and accountable FMCG business operator on the Czech and Slovak markets.
Our factory in Porící nad Sázavou is one of the biggest sugar confectionery producers in the Czech Republic and within Mars. Following the Wrigley acquisition in 2008, the factory has been moved to Wrigley Gum and Confections segment, which is part of the Mars group.
Our factory employs almost 400 Associates, its annual production reaches 14 000 tonnes of sugar confectionery products including  SKITTLES®, STARBURST®, LOCKETS®, SOLANO®, SUGUS®, AND AIRWAVES®. A significant proportion of the products manufactured in Porící is exported to many European countries, led by UK.
Mars follows the highest principles of business ethics and thus creates mutual benefits for the company as well as for the individuals and business partners. The Company actively supports Czech suppliers of machinery, raw materials, packaging and services.

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