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Mars, Incorporated to remove all artificial colors from its human food portfolio

McLEAN, VA., February 5, 2016 – Mars, Incorporated announced today that it will remove all artificial colors Prečítajte si viac...

Bay Area Life Science Innovator Joins Pioneering Food Safety Consortium

Protecting the global food supply is a monumental public health challenge. In the U.S. alone, food-borne disea Prečítajte si viac...

Tackling malnutrition and food safety in India

Malnutrition is a major public health concern in India, particularly among children. According to UNICEF, over Prečítajte si viac...

UC Davis–Mars Innovation Institute holds “Solution Summit” in California

With the population growing and the climate changing, our food, agriculture and health systems are facing incr Prečítajte si viac...

Climate Deal is Good News for our Future

After two weeks of intense negotiations at COP21 in Paris, a meaningful global deal on climate change is final Prečítajte si viac...

Mars, Incorporated President Tops Glassdoor’s Most-Liked CEO list

We are immensely proud to learn that Glassdoor, the leading jobs and recruiting site, has named Mars’ own Gran Prečítajte si viac...

“What’s the deal with COP21?” – Your Mars Guide to the UN Climate Talks and the

You’ve probably heard a lot about COP21 recently. Global leaders descending on Paris? Talks that will finall Prečítajte si viac...

A Sweet History Lesson From Mars

Who doesn’t love chocolate? According to Great Moments in Chocolate History, the answer is everyone from the a Prečítajte si viac... center