Case Studies

From science, community engagement to product innovation and more, here you will find case studies from our petcare, chocolate, wrigley, food, drinks and symbioscience business segments that tell the story of Mars everyday.

Trainees@Mars - Diving in at the deep end

As a global player, Mars offers multifaceted professional prospects, and employs associates in all ages and experience. Read on..

AGENDA 2017 - Roadmap for "green" logistics

This cooperation offensive from Mars was launched under the motto 'Competition on the shelves, but not in logistics'. Read on..

Climate-neutral products: At Mars, the future has already begun

Mars wants to produce carbon-neutral by 2040. On this journey, the Viersen site has already made some big steps. Read on..

Committed to quality

Taste comes from quality and explains why quality products from Mars are so delicious. Read on..

How to read nutritional information

Mars Chocolate Deutschland has made further improvements to the nutritional labelling on its product packaging. Read on..

Dog Days: Welcome visitors to the office

At Mars Petcare, dogs may accompany their owners to work. Read on..

Mars Petcare Nutrition Philosophy: Putting pets and their needs first

Mars Petcare supports pet owners in their effort for responsible feeding by offering added information. Read on..

Love to eat: What pets want is at the Pet Center in Verden

At the Pet Center in Verden, there are 310 four-legged gourmets going about their dream job: test eaters at Mars. Read on.. center:case studies