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Principles in Action

Being a market leader is as much about how we do things as it is about sales volumes. Mars Chocolate is committed to leading the industry in sustainability and responsible communications.

We were also the first global chocolate company to commit to sourcing all of our cocoa from certified supplies by 2020. In 2011, we purchased 10% of our cocoa from certified sources, and in 2012 we exceeded 20 percent and became the world’s largest user of certified cocoa. We currently buy cocoa certified by the Rainforest Alliance, UTZ Certified and Fairtrade.

Beyond purchasing certified cocoa, we are working hard to improve the sustainability of farming practices and the livelihoods of farmers. Our blog,, communicates our work in this area in 2011. Equally, our Associates are getting involved in our efforts to improve the sustainability of our operations.

At the end of 2007, Mars became the first chocolate company to voluntarily stop advertising and marketing directly to children under age 12 worldwide. We have consistently adhered to this commitment and performed well against our peers. Mars Chocolate U.K. established a Marketing Advisory Group to provide external guidance on marketing activities, with a focus on responsible marketing. The group meets quarterly to review all marketing activities against our Marketing Code and best practices and a similar cross-functional team meets regularly in North America.

Since Frank C. Mars and his wife, Ethel, started making candy in their Tacoma, Washington, kitchen 100 years ago, we have learned a lot about cocoa. Yet, we do not know all the facts surrounding its origins. Mars, Incorporated is leading efforts to identify the true history of chocolate and has published a book called "Chocolate: History, Culture and Heritage." Learn more about the history of chocolate making in America by visiting

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