Mars Drinks

Bite-sized facts:

  • More than 500 Associates

  • Five brands in total: KLIX®, FLAVIA®, ALTERRA®, THE BRIGHT TEA CO.® and DOVE®/GALAXY® hot chocolate drinks.

Mars Drinks provides more than a billion drinks via more than 100,000 machines each year. With U.S. headquarters in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and U.K. headquarters in Basingstoke, Mars Drinks employs more than 650 Associates across eight countries. Our business categories are KLIX® drinks vending systems and Mars Drinks single-serve technology.

The KLIX® system offers a selection of leading drinks brands matched to the local market, including our own-brand hot chocolate drink, CHOCAMENTO™. Mars Drinks single-serve brands include ALTERRA® coffees, THE BRIGHT TEA CO.® teas and DOVE®/GALAXY® Hot Chocolate, served using FLAVIA® brewing machines.

Our Principles in Action

We are committed to helping our customers on their sustainability journey. By the end of 2013, we plan to purchase 100 percent of our coffee beans from certified sources, and 100 percent of our black tea and cocoa from certified sources by 2015.

In 2012, Mars Drinks introduced our first 100 percent recyclable Freshpack in North America across two tea varieties, English Breakfast and Earl Grey. A packaging innovation enabled the removal of an aluminum foil layer from the Freshpacks, as well as a move from three materials to a single, fully recyclable plastic. To make it even easier for our customers to recycle them, we also launched a “Recycle your Freshpacks” website in North America. Our goal is for 100 percent of our Freshpacks to be fully recyclable by 2015.

We are proud of the energy efficiency of our machines. For example, in the U.K. our FLAVIA CREATION® 400 machine was found on average to be over 50 percent more energy efficient over a typical week than those of our three leading competitors1. We also have a strong focus on our Associates and operations. The Mars Volunteer Program is active at most of our sites, and our two factories have achieved zero production waste to landfill.

1The three leading competitors: Keurig B3000, Starbucks ICup and Wolfgang Puck CAFEEXPRESS

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