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Our Principles in Action

We strive to put our Five Principles into action by embracing an entrepreneurial spirit and venturing into new growth areas for Mars, Incorporated. Our two principal business units are committed to making a difference in human and animal health.

Mars Veterinary provides key insights to dog owners, breeders and veterinarians with Wisdom Panel®, our patented DNA testing kit for canines. This product enables people to understand the breed behavior that makes up their dog which helps to improve the quality of pet ownership.

Mars is committed to make a difference in human health using cocoa flavanols - naturally occurring plant nutrients which help support cardiovascular health by helping maintain healthy circulation.

Mars, Incorporated has been pursuing extensive research to advance understanding of cocoa flavanols for over 20 years. Working in collaboration with some of the world’s leading scientific institutes, we have published more than 140 scientific papers and approximately 100 patents globally in the field of cocoa flavanols.

Using this knowledge, Mars scientists have developed a patented Cocoapro® process that helps to retain the flavanols found naturally inside the cocoa bean, which are usually destroyed during processing. The cocoa flavanols in our CocoaVia® cocoa extract supplement allow people to enjoy the benefits of cocoa flavanols every day.

We do all of this while striving to make a difference in the communities where we operate and with a vested interest in preserving our planet. For example, through our sustainability efforts in Indonesia we are making a real difference in the lives of the farmers that produce the cocoa beans we use. We have created business models in the areas of tree nurseries and composting, and marine culture with seahorse farming that could create sustainable businesses for farmers. In addition, more than 3,944 hectares of cocoa trees from a total of 2,882 farmers have been certified by the Rainforest Alliance as a result of our work.

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