Health and Nutrition

Health & Nutrition and Mars

We are proud of all the products we produce, from snacks and chewing gum to family meals and pet food. We strive to make products that not only taste great, but that people feel confident about eating and feeding to their families and pets.

By realizing our potential to help people and their pets lead healthier lives, we can stay true to our Five Principles and create mutual benefits for our business and our consumers.

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Pretzel M&M's packet with GDA label

Helping People Choose

Mars offers a wide choice of food products for a broad variety of consumers. We help people make informed choices for themselves, their families and their pets, through clear nutritional labeling and responsible marketing practices.

Uncle Ben's Express Basmati Rice pack shot

Improving Our Products

We are committed to improving and expanding our product offerings without compromising taste, convenience or availability.

Two women scentists work in Mars lab in Makassar

Nutrition and Science

Our health and nutrition approach extends beyond product portfolio. We invest in research and development to encourage scientific discovery in the areas of health and nutrition.

Department of Health Minister speaks at launch of Mars UK Health and Wellbeing Local Business Partnership

Developing Partnerships

We promote the health and wellbeing of the communities in which we operate through local, national and global partnerships.

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