Mars GCC

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Key Facts

  • Launched in Dubai in 1993

  • Five business segments: Chocolate, Petcare, Food, Drinks and Wrigley

  • More than 400 Associates

  • One factory and one office. Our first factory in Saudi Arabia is under construction and due to be completed in 2013.


Mars in The GCC

Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and established in 1993, Mars GCC is a leading chocolate manufacturer in the Middle East.

We opened our chocolate factory in 1998 to produce GALAXY JEWELS® and later extended the site to produce the complete range of GALAXY® products as well as MARS® and SNICKERS® bars.

In addition to the brands we manufacture in the region, we import and sell a range of Mars Chocolate, Petcare, and Food brands across all the GCC countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE). We also export to countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. We employ more than 400 Associates holding over 38 nationalities.

Principles in Action

Energy is a key issue given the region’s warm climate, and cooling systems are a necessity. We encourage Associates to champion fossil fuel energy-saving initiatives, such as solar panels, ammonia chillers and wind ventilators. We include energy-saving measures in our future site plans and initiatives and continuously review and improve our Energy Management System.

In 2010, we achieved ISO 14001 certification, and we are recognized by regulators in the region as a leader among manufacturing companies in reducing our environmental impact. Our energy intensity (GJ per tonne of production) in 2011 was 28 percent less than in 2010. We have reduced our water intensity by 17 percent compared to 2010 and we progressed towards our goal of zero to landfill in 2015 by reducing the amount of solid waste to landfill by 51 percent.

We have fitted all of our sales vans with geographic information systems (GPS) to improve route planning and reduce fuel use, which has cut the carbon footprint of our sales operations by 55 percent. And we introduced a shuttle service to transport Associates from the Metro station to the Mars site, reducing the number of Associates that travel to work by car. Our environmental commitment also extends to our products. In 2010, we re-engineered GALAXY® packaging materials, saving 161 tonnes of plastic.

The Dubai site continues to implement other Associate-led initiatives to reduce our environmental impacts, including installing waterless urinals and sensor taps on all faucets, which together reduce water consumption by 800,000 liters per year. We installed electric motors and light sensors to reduce the amount of power our factory uses. Additionally, we work with the government to recycle old IT equipment for use in local schools.

Like all of Mars’ operations, Mars GCC never compromises on quality. In recent years we have been rewarded for our commitment through awards such as the Dubai Municipality Distinguished Customer Award, the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid al Maktoom Award for Business Excellence in 2006 and 2010, and Dubai Quality Awards in 2007 and 2012.

Launched in 2006, our "Al Haraka Baraka" ("movement is a blessing") program teaches school children across the UAE and Saudi Arabia to lead healthy, active lifestyles. In 2007, the program received an award from the UAE Ministry of Education and, by 2008, 100,000 children were taking part. We are now working with the Arab Center for Nutrition, King Saud University and the Ministry of Education to further develop the program and reach more children. We also run a "Winning with Wellness" program to encourage Associates to be more active. As part of this program, in 2010 Mars introduced the "Walk with Me" program to promote physical activity among Associates in a fun and simple way.

Mars is one of the founding board members of INJAZ Al Arab. Based in the UAE, INJAZ is part of the Global Junior Achievement program, which expanded into the UAE in 2005. The program educates, inspires and teaches high school students the skills needed for professional life. The program also gives our Associates the opportunity to give back to their local communities by mentoring, inspiring, leading and becoming role models for the students. Mars Associates have supported the INJAZ Leadership Program and the Success Skills and Community Project since 2006.

As part of our commitment to health and nutrition, we recently launched the Planet Mars website at planetmarsme. This website raises awareness of health issues, promotes healthy living, and supports Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) labeling for our products. Mars is a co-founder of the Dubai International Food Safety Conference and has been a major sponsor for the past seven years. Mars provides key international speakers to talk on Food Safety topics at the event.

In February 2012, Mars Saudi Arabia began building a new chocolate factory in King Abdullah City to produce GALAXY® chocolate. The facility will be one of the largest chocolate factories in the GCC region. It will initially employ 60 people, growing to 300-400 once fully operational. Mars aims to hire Saudi nationals, with an emphasis on employing women. This effort will be coupled with partnerships with local educational organizations and internships in marketing, sales, finance, engineering, and research and development. We will pair these opportunities with other efforts to contribute to the Saudi community, including a large-scale healthy living and nutrition campaign, environmental initiatives, investments in education, and a potential food training school associated with the facility.

We are conscious of the environment we operate in and will seek LEED certification, a green building standard, for our new facility upon completion. By using leading environmental standards, we will make this site an example for others to follow.

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