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We are using our brands to stimulate consumer preference for products that make a positive difference to people and the planet.

Mars owns some of the world’s most popular brands. Every day they bring pleasure and satisfaction to hundreds of millions of people and pets around the world. To make sure people can continue to enjoy them, we must find ways to make all of our products without depleting the planet’s increasingly scarce resources, and to ensure they have a positive impact on people along our supply chain. Our ambition is to source, manufacture, package and distribute our brands in more sustainable ways.

We are also working on innovations that will enable us to develop and promote products with fewer negative and greater positive impacts on people, pets and the planet. As we have limited potential to reduce impacts through the way our products are used, our aim instead is to provide more sustainable alternatives and drive consumer preference for these products.

Our brands are one of our primary means of interacting with people. We take this opportunity and responsibility seriously and take measures to make sure our brands are not used in ways that have a negative effect on society or the environment. This involves being responsible in our marketing, providing clear information and promoting appropriate use.

We also use our brands to encourage people to contribute to good causes, amplifying the positive impact our products can make.

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Communicating Responsibly

We are committed to presenting our products fairly and accurately, as well as providing clear information and communications that help people to consume and use them responsibly.
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Cause Marketing

Our brands provide a platform to encourage long-term support for good causes. Our efforts in this area are designed to contribute to our business performance, so we can boost our investment and expand good practices across our brands. This journey is just beginning, but we are already making progress.

Sustainable Innovation and Marketing

We are working on innovations that will enable us to develop and promote products that have fewer negative and more positive impacts on people, pets and the planet.

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