Cause Marketing

Children in South Africa holding Royco cups of soup
ROYCO® works in partnership with Shoprite in South Africa to provide food for disadvantaged communitites

Our brands communicate and interact with hundreds of millions of consumers every year. This gives us a great platform for engaging with consumers, to encourage them to support causes that make a difference for people and planet. Many of our brands already do work in this area, and we are committed to expanding this work in ways that can be sustained on a global scale.

This is a challenging task. Numerous pieces of research have shown that people are interested in brands which do good, yet their buying behavior rarely reflects these attitudes. This means many cause-marketing campaigns are short lived, and we want to help this change.

The first step is to better understand how marketing can increase brand revenue while raising awareness of good causes. This will help us to make sustained and sizeable investments in initiatives that make a positive difference. Our term for this is “Doing-Good Marketing,” and we aim for it to be as effective as or more effective than our existing marketing activity in promoting our brands.

This journey is in its early stages, though several of our brands have been running these types of campaigns for a number of years. We have conducted detailed research into successful models and established pilot programs involving a number of our global brands in several key markets. As with other work to make our supply chain and operations more sustainable, we are taking a considered, data-based approach and a long-term view. The result will be a performance-oriented strategy that ensures the lasting and scalable growth of our brands, as well as support for sustainable activities and causes that bring to life our Five Principles and create a mutuality of benefits for all of our stakeholders.

Our ultimate aim is for the majority of Mars brands to have Doing-Good Marketing programs that are at least as commercially effective as our more traditional marketing activities.

There are two components to this work:

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