Promoting Responsible Behavior

Advertisement promoting responsible behaviour, reads: do your country proud, bin your gum
We take the issue of littered chewing gum seriously by encouraging responsible disposal

Our products bring pleasure to hundreds of millions of people, and it is important that we help consumers to enjoy them responsibly. We use our brands to promote appropriate use.


Mars produces six of the world's 20 best-selling chocolate brands: M&M’S ®, MARS® bar, MILKY WAY®, TWIX®, DOVE®/GALAXY®, SNICKERS®.

We are proud of these products and the pleasure they bring to people’s lives, and take seriously our responsibility to encourage people to enjoy them as part of a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. We help people make informed choices using clear nutritional labeling and responsible, transparent marketing.

Responsible Gum Disposal

While the vast majority of consumers dispose of their gum properly, not everyone has the same respect for their communities.

We take this issue seriously and recognize that the only long-term sustainable solution to dealing with littered gum – and all forms of litter – is to change behavior. We encourage this through active support of:

  • Clear on-pack labeling motivating our consumers to dispose of their gum properly.

  • Community awareness campaigns in partnership with governments, NGOs and educators.

  • In-school education programs that help young people develop a respect for their local environment.

Wrigley has included a proper disposal logo on all gum packages for decades. Along with others in our industry, we believe that unifying our messaging will make the disposal icon more motivating and effective. To achieve this, we worked with the International Chewing Gum Association (ICGA) to develop a new disposal logo for the entire industry, which now appears on packs in some markets.

The Wrigley Company Foundation expands its international Litter Less Education Campaign

In 2013, the Wrigley Company Foundation added ten new countries to its international Litter Less education campaign led by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

Packaging Disposal

Quality packaging is critical for our products to travel from factory to store to home. It ensures longer-lasting freshness and prevents food from spoiling, enables efficient transport, identifies our brands and gives consumers important information.

But packaging also uses materials, such as metal, paper and plastics, and creates waste for disposal, leading to environmental impacts. For example, packaging accounts for roughly 10 percent of our total greenhouse gas emissions.

We seek ways to reduce the environmental impacts of disposing our packaging and opportunities to educate consumers about waste reduction and recycling. As well as making it easier to recycle our packaging by putting in place the necessary infrastructure, we are working with partners to find innovative ways to reuse or recycle packaging from used products and left over from our factories.

Mars Drinks Makes Strides in Recycling
Mars Drinks Makes Strides In Recycling

We have a target to make all the Freshpacks offered through our FLAVIA® single serve drinks machines recyclable. We have already developed tea Freshpacks that are fully recyclable and are being introduced into the North American market.

Using Excess Packaging to Create Mutual Benefits in Mexico
Using Excess Packaging to Create Mutual Benefits in Mexico

We avoid producing excess packaging; otherwise we reuse it. Excess Mars packaging is being repurposed to make bags, reducing waste and benefiting a small community in Mexico.

Pet Ownership

Having a Pet improve the relationships between the humans and the animals Pet ownership brings mutual benefits to people and communities, and we are committed to improving animals’ lives through our brands. To realize the benefits, owners must recognize that having a pet is a big responsibility. We work on our own and with others to ensure our products, services and research help owners keep their pets happy and healthy and get the best from their relationship.

For starters, we are committed to making quality products that provide pets with the right nutrition, and to finding ways to source the ingredients in our pet foods responsibly. In addition, our brands promote the positive experience of having a pet and improve the relationships between humans and animals.

But our responsibility goes much further. Together with others in the pet care industry, we help educate owners to take their responsibilities seriously, from training their pets to properly disposing of dog waste. The Banfield Pet Hospital’s FutureVet program helps veterinarians and teachers to encourage children and young adults to pursue careers in pet health care and veterinary medicine.

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