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Pursuing sustainability is a natural extension of our vision to create a mutuality of benefits for all those involved in our business. Large companies like Mars can make a real difference by working with suppliers, partners, retail customers and consumers to act sustainably.

We have the most control over the impacts of our factories and offices (which we call our "operations"), and this is where our strategy is most developed. Working from robust scientific data, we have set ambitious goals to make our operations ‘Sustainable in a Generation’.

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Engineer working on solar panels at Mars factory in New Jersey

Sustainable in a Generation

Our goal is to make our factories and offices ‘Sustainable in a Generation’ by eliminating fossil fuel energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, minimizing our impact on water quality and availability, and mitigating the impacts of waste by 2040.

Mesquite Creek Wind Farm

Mesquite Creek Wind Farm

Mars is excited to announce their intensions to build a 200MW wind farm in west Texas. With this announcement,Mars takes an enormous step towards our goal to become Sustainable in a Generation.
Solar energy infrastructure at a Wrigley factory

Energy and Climate

Climate change is affecting life on our planet. We have committed to reduce our fossil fuel energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in absolute terms, and eventually eliminate them, regardless of business growth.

Sustainable Mars factory in Rotterdam at sunset

Water Impacts

Stress on water sources around the world is a growing problem; one in three people lack enough for his or her daily needs. That is why we are committed to minimizing our impact on water quality and availability in the areas near our operations.

Our Mars Drinks factories are now 100 percent landfill free at their production sites


Waste is a problem because of the resource use and greenhouse gas emissions associated with producing it and because of the impacts of its disposal. Our current approach is based on a simple waste hierarchy. Disposal in landfill is a last resort, and we have committed to sending no waste to landfill by 2015.

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