Diversity and Inclusion

We increased the proportion of women in management roles by one percent each year between 2001 and 2011.
We strive to increase the proportion of women in management roles.

The varied backgrounds and combined talents of our Associates enrich our business. This is true across all levels of our organization and we aim to encourage further diversity in our management teams, in particular by increasing the percentage of Mars managers who are women.

We recruit and reward Associates based on capability and performance, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, or physical ability. Each of our country operations has the freedom to respond to local needs and shape practices that are culturally sensitive and consistent with our commitment to show respect for all and to open collaboration and communication.

Gender Diversity

Women are underrepresented in many workplaces around the world, especially in senior positions. We are proud that we continue to increase the proportion of women in Mars by 1% each year on average. And we strive to maintain that achievement.

Targeted programs, mentoring and support for female Associates play an important part in improving gender diversity. In addition to our Women in Leadership program, we offer a specific global program for Women in Sales Leadership. We also provide mentoring circles for women in the U.S.

Supporting women in their wider lives helps them to succeed at work. Read more about some of our work-life balance initiatives in Wellbeing.

Developing Local Talent

Award - The Times Top 50 Employers for Women 2012

Our success relies on hiring great local people and giving our leaders the freedom to make the best decisions for local business performance, Associates and communities. This approach works because we are united by our Five Principles. It also offers our local leaders a high level of accountability.

We aim to develop both those already in leadership positions and those with potential for the future. For example, our Asia Leadership Forum is a development program that brings together the leadership teams of all of our businesses in Asia. Our Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP) is an intensive and challenging program for high-potential managers, and we run the program to ensure a focus on local talent.

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