Finance overview

This is high-value finance. Teams of front-facing specialists integrated into the business and integral to its success. Associates who provide the full spectrum of financial services from putting in place the kind of financial controls that protect our assets to delivering detailed analysis and insight that guides our strategic development.

The talented people who work here all have high levels of technical proficiency. They’re the kind of people who can take on board all sorts of complex information, process it quickly and act on it with sound judgment, honor and character. This is the place for people who have the courage to act on their beliefs and who can consistently deliver outstanding results through themselves and through others.

Roles within finance

The finance function has defined 13 competencies that encapsulate all of our finance roles. These are:

  • 01

    Financial control

  • 02

    Statutory accounting

  • 03

    Business planning

  • 04

    Risk management

  • 05

    Commodity and currency reporting & control

  • 06

    Cost accounting and budget management

  • 07

    Analysis and evaluation of business activities

  • 08

    Business process and information technology effectiveness

  • 09

    Investment management

  • 10

    Workplace effectiveness

  • 11

    Tax management

  • 12

    Treasury management

  • 13

    Benefits management

Ideal candidate profile

Tertiary qualifications are key when applying for a finance role. Preference is for finance-related degrees such as Accounting and Economics. Certain positions in finance also require professional accreditation from recognized accounting bodies.

In many ways finance associates must act as the financial conscience of the business. Ideal characteristics can be grouped into four categories:

  • 01

    Judgment and strategic skills – capable of high-quality decision making, problem solving, data collection and problem identification. Quality decisions often must be made with less than complete information, in little time and with few or no precedents to rely on.

  • 02

    Courage and integrity – conflict is a natural outcome of complex organizations, so conflict management skills are needed. Managerial courage must also be employed to say what needs to be said at the right time, to the right person, in the right manner.

  • 03

    Inspiring people to achieve – finance associates build effective teams by working together to accomplish more than they could as individuals. It is also essential that finance associates develop timely information for those who need it.

  • 04

    Acting with honor and character – finance associates have a responsibility to deliver results based on ethics and values consistent with The Five Principles (download The Five Principles book). Further, a key element of team building is integrity and trust.

We make a difference by putting our Principles in Action.


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