Human Resources

Human resources overview

Inside Mars, HR is known as People & Organization (P&O). And the P&O team is the reason why great people join us and stay with us. They create the conditions for our associates to grow, learn and develop, to further their careers and make those careers mean more for themselves, the business and the communities we operate in.

Although their main focus could be said to be talent development, taking in everything from graduate recruitment through to executive leadership development, the actual scope of P&O is broad. It includes:

  • 01

    Development and communication of business objectives and ways of working that are consistent with corporate philosophy

  • 02

    Providing expertise on organizational design and improving effectiveness

  • 03

    Designing and deploying personnel policies and practices

  • 04

    Supporting individual associates and their managers, to ensure well-being and engagement

  • 05

    Provide the tools to bring great people into the business and develop them for the future

  • 06

    Encourage learning the Mars university, supporting all associates to perform at an excellent level

  • 07

    Design competitive remuneration and benefits packages

Roles within P&O

P&O associates are generally organized into three groups:

  • 01

    Generalists – who support local clients to identify needs and deliver effective solutions across the scope of the function

  • 02

    Specialists – who work closely with local generalists and specialists in other countries, sharing knowledge and developing effective solutions. Areas include organizational development, talent acquisition & management, mars University learning & development, remuneration and HR systems

  • 03

    Associate services – who use state-of-the-art HR systems to support both local associates and the wider P&O function

Ideal candidate profile

The key success factors for P&O associates are:

  • 01

    Personal credibility, or the quality or power to inspire trust and belief, is a key leadership attribute

  • 02

    Business competencies are necessary as P&O professionals can only add value when they understand how their business operates

  • 03

    Change competencies are key so that P&O associates can better support line managers in dealing with ambiguity and leading change

  • 04

    P&O functional competencies are needed across the scope of the function, and the HR college of Mars University provides a range of induction, foundation, and leadership training to support development of those

The Mars Ambassador Program provides opportunities for our associates to become involved in corporate responsibility initiatives.


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