Purchasing overview

We're not your average business. And this is not your average kind of Purchasing. In fact we call this function Commercial because of the influence it has on the overall direction of our business and relations with our suppliers, the industry and regulatory agencies. Our commercial team takes a view across the entire supply chain and gives us insight into everything from consumer perspectives to material functionality.

They also make sure our sourcing practices reflect our mutuality principle in every respect, including the long-term sustainability of all the materials we use. Because we only deal with suppliers who have respect for people and the environment. And we are free to invest in the long-term development of materials, technologies, origin countries and suppliers in order to advance our sustainability and other objectives.

Roles within commercial

Roles on the commercial team include:

  • 01

    Raw materials buying

  • 02

    Packaging buying

  • 03

    Packaging development

  • 04

    Services buying

  • 05

    Capital buying

  • 06

    Logistics buying

  • 07

    Logistics execution

  • 08

    Research and development services and technical intellectual property

Ideal candidate profile

Success within the commercial team is related more to attitude than professional background. Typically, commercial associates hold degrees in:

  • 01

    Business Management

  • 02

    Supply Chain Management

  • 03


  • 04


  • 05

    Physical Sciences

In all cases, further career development and education is provided to all commercial associates through Mars University.

We make a difference by putting our Principles in Action.


Shot of two Mars Associates working, taken through an office window
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