Research and Development

Research & development overview

It all starts here. R&D leads the innovation process, from providing consumer insights and identifying needs, to the development and delivery of products that consistently delight. Our R&D associates are the champions of quality in our business.

Roles within R&D

In R&D you can expect to work in one of four key areas:

  • 01


  • 02


  • 03

    Product development

  • 04

    Quality and food safety

Ideal candidate profile

Tertiary qualifications are key when applying for a role and preference is for degrees in food science disciplines.

Inherent within R&D is the need to work in many different ways on widely differing projects requiring a mix of technical specialties. However, there are common behavioral and technical skills we look for regardless of the role:

  • 01

    Curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit – scouring the external world for perspective and new network members should be normal behavior

  • 02

    Empathy – brand and cuisine are essential to creating winning products that delight our consumers and deliver long-term business value

  • 03

    Effective communication skills – understanding consumer insights and translating them into strong, competitive products

The Mars Ambassador Program provides opportunities for our associates to become involved in corporate responsibility initiatives.


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