Sales overview

As a commercial business, sales is central to creating profit and growth. Our style is to get out every day, in every sales area, to ensure superior distribution, display and product quality at the point of purchase. For us it’s about driving profitable growth through excellence in availability and influencing the shopper’s decision at the point of purchase by having products at the correct price, supplemented by strong promotions.

What we do is divided into six key activities:

  • 01

    Developing and implementing a winning route-to-market strategy

  • 02

    Applying shopper, trade outlet and product category knowledge and insights

  • 03

    Building superior customer engagement

  • 04

    Building efficient and effective sales teams

  • 05

    Optimizing the return from trade expenditures

  • 06

    Focusing on and measuring key sales metrics

Roles within sales

Sales roles are business development roles. Some are based on developing our business with major customers, others, like field sales, are based on territories and depend on teams of sales professionals supported by field managers. Additional specialist sales roles include jobs in training, planning, category management and sales engineering.

Ideal candidate profile

Sales people are 'people people' who thrive on engaging customers, selling the benefits of our brands, overcoming objectives and closing the sale. High levels of enthusiasm, resilience and empathy are essential to success ‘at the sharp end'.

Equally important, skills in structured logical thinking, planning, organization and analysis are required.

We make a difference by putting our Principles in Action.


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