Graduate programmes


Skill level

Application Update

We have now extended the application deadline to Sunday January 6th@ 23:59 for the following programmes: Engineering, General Management, Purchasing and R&D.

Graduate Programmes

MBA, BSc or BA. When it comes to graduates we have lots of them here. But you’ll never be just another one. You’re more than that. You’re coming in to keep our success story moving forward. In all kinds of new ways. And that’s why we have a wide range of graduate programmes.

Talented, decisive, focused and know just where your future lies? Then one of our specialist programmes will be for you. They offer the chance to become an expert in Finance, R&D, Engineering or Procurement, to gain professional qualifications and absorb a mixture of first-rate technical training and invaluable commercial experience.

Driven and ambitious but not yet sure which area is for you? Then the Mars Management Development Programme (MMDP) provides a more generalist opportunity. Over the course of the three-year programme you’ll develop expertise across a range of functions and gain a breadth of front-line management experience.

Whichever programme you choose, you’ll have access to a fantastic support structure, line managers, mentors and a buddy who’ll all be there to help you make your training mean more for your career.

After the Programme

There are many dimensions to a career with Mars. You can move upwards, sideways, across borders, across functions. We emphasize the value of learning from different experiences, as these will give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Development is an integral part of the Mars culture and is considered a partnership between you, your manager, and the business. We provide you the freedom, framework, and resources to develop all of your abilities, as your growth is essential to our continued success. We work with you during and after the programme to create a realistic career outlook to allow you to focus on your own goals. at mars:your mars:uk graduates:graduate programmes