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Mars Food Health Initiatives



Mars Food operates with a core purpose: Better Food Today, A Better World Tomorrow. We are committed to helping people lead healthier lives through a simple but powerful ambition: One billion more healthy meals shared on dinner tables around the world.

Here are some of the ways that we are making this happen:

Providing Healthy Meal Options

The Mars Food Nutrition Criteria — based on nutrition guidance from the World Health Organization and other leading public health authorities — guide us in making our products healthier. Using these criteria, over the next five years, we are reducing sodium, added sugar and fat in many of our products and are adding more vegetables, whole grains, and legumes to specific categories within our product portfolio.

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Including Nutrition Labeling on Our Products

99 percent of our products globally include front-of-pack nutrition labeling to help consumers easily find information about the amount of calories, sodium, sugar, total fat, and saturated fat in a serving. While the majority of our products meet the Mars Food Nutrition Criteria, we also offer more indulgent meals that are formulated in line with authentic recipes and may have higher levels of added sugar, sodium, or fat. Over the next five years, we will provide guidance on-pack and on our website regarding how often it is recommended our meals be consumed during the week.

Learn more about how we help people choose.

Inspiring Healthy Cooking and Eating Together

Cooking and eating together is a proven key component of health and wellbeing. Because the benefits of shared meals are so powerful, our leading brands around the world are committed to creating and inspiring opportunities for family and friends to come together over a meal.

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Helping Mars Food Associates Live Healthier Lives

Of course, our efforts start at home — with our Associates. We are working to offer all of Mars Food Associates access to worksite kitchens, fitness facilities, nutrition education, and healthy, affordable meals in our cafeterias to help them lead healthier lives.

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Mars is committed to creating and inspiring opportunities for family and friends to come together over a meal.