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Wrigley’s Smile Back Project

The Wrigley Smile Back Project


Wrigley’s Smile Back™ Project is a global initiative supporting charities worldwide to help protect children’s oral health through improved access to oral care and better oral health education. The Smile Back Project was inspired by two pilot initiatives: 

  1. Chew For Change: Since 2013, Wrigley Sweden has been partnering with SOS Children’s Villages to reduce the incidence of tooth decay and improve quality of life for children in Ghana. Every purchase of Extra® gum generates a donation to the program, which is teaching children to brush their teeth for two minutes twice a day by providing hands-on oral care training, educational posters, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Since 2013, more than 60,000 children in Ghana have benefitted from the program. In 2015, it was extended to also cover Botswana where an additional 16,000 children have been reached.
  2. Protect Kids’ Smiles: Since 2013, Wrigley Poland has been partnering with the Polish Red Cross and Polish Dental Association to raise awareness about the issue of dental cavities and to promote better oral care habits. Each September and October, Wrigley donates 1 percent of all Orbit® gum sales to fund educational sessions and dental check-ups for children in Poland. And after every check-up, each child receives an oral care toolkit, containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, sugar-free gum and a letter to parents about how they can help. Since 2013, Wrigley Poland has provided oral care education for 250,000 children and dental check-ups to 25,000 children.

Each year, Wrigley Poland Associates promote better oral care habits in their communities to help “Protect Kids’ Smiles.”