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What’s the greatest threat to our planet? Climate change? Water scarcity? Poor land management? None of the above. The biggest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will solve these problems.   

That’s precisely why we doubled down with our ambitious Sustainable in a Generation Plan to support our global home. It’s also why we’re celebrating Earth Week (April 16-22) by proudly sharing our science-based approach and sustainability progress around the world.  

But first, a quick look at Earth Day’s roots. It began in 1970, proclaimed by the UN during a time where there was little repercussion for gas guzzling vehicles, smoke belching industrial plants or garbage dumping in our waterways. That year, about 20 million Americans participated across hundreds of schools and communities in a grass roots effort to spark national conversation about environmental concerns.  

Today, countless communities, individuals and organizations hold Earth Day events across nearly 200 countries.  

Earth Day is about raising awareness and education. But it’s also about exploring the ways we can make the world a better place by being a #GenerationForChange. This is a critical moment in time. Never before has responsibility been greater for business to step up to help ensure a healthy planet and a healthy society. 

Our Healthy Planet ambition is to reduce our environmental impacts in line with what science says is necessary to keep the planet healthy. Our work goes well beyond our own operations; we’ve extended targets to reflect the impact we have on water, greenhouse gasses (GHG) and land throughout our entire value chain.  

Be sure to follow @MarsGlobal on Instagram and check out our Instagram Story on Earth Day, where we’re revealing how Mars is applying our Sustainable in a Generation Plan around the world. Tap the ‘hotspots’ on the world map to see what we’re doing in different places around the world. We’ll also pin our Instagram Story to our profile so you can view it after Earth Day. 

We know nobody else will save our planet…it’s up to us. And now is a critical time to take action. But the job is obviously bigger than any one individual or organization. We all have to play our part in building a healthier future. As Earth Day approaches, think about it: how will you be part of the #GenerationForChange?  

For more on our Sustainable in a Generation Plan progress, follow us on social media, where we’re sharing Healthy Planet inspiration for Earth Week!  #GenerationForChange #MarsLovesEarth #EarthDay2018 #EarthDay #EarthWeek #proudlyMars