Mars Drinks Path to Sustainability

Mars Drinks Path to Sustainability

Mars Drinks has launched ‘Our Path to Sustainability’, which is its journey towards creating a sustainable business. Here you find details of this approach.

Mars Drinks has launched ‘Our Path to Sustainability’, which is its journey towards creating a sustainable business. Through this platform, its goal is to make a difference to people and planet through performance, by thinking holistically about its impacts and initially by concentrating on those areas where Mars has the most expertise and can make the greatest impact.

Why Does Mars Drinks Need a Path?

As a Segment of a principles-based company, Mars Drinks recognizes that its business has social, environmental and economic impacts. With Our Path to Sustainability, it has created a strategy to guide its efforts in ensuring lasting, mutual benefits for all involved in the business, by creating greater positive social impacts, minimizing environmental impacts and delivering economic performance.

This is not a new concept to the business as Our Path to Sustainability platform builds on and replaces Thirsty for Change, its previous sustainability programme.

Mars Drinks believes that taking a proactive approach to sustainable business practices is its responsibility. In addition, customers expect it and Associates place a high value on it, making it a critical aspect of the business’ continued long term success and growth.

Core Strategy

Our Path to Sustainability contains five milestones which cover the key impact areas of the business. Under these sit a series of targets that serve as a roadmap for Mars Drinks’ journey. This platform acts as the foundation for internal strategy and communications.

Our Path to Sustainability framework reflects that it:

  • Is a way of doing business that shapes our business operations
  • Is a platform rather than a separate programme to support the embedding of sustainability into the business
  • Is an aligned platform that works across all Mars Drinks business Categories and brands and with Principles in Action
  • Is a journey Mars Drinks is committed to and welcomes and encourages others to join
  • Brings Mars’  Principles to Life

Quality. Responsibility. Mutuality. Efficiency. Freedom. These are the principles that have guided Mars Incorporated since it was founded and these are the Principles that we are following as we move along Our Path to Sustainability. We are putting these principles into action every day! They connect us, giving us direction and a shared purpose.

Long term, Mars Drinks aims to put its principles into action by:

  • Sourcing all of its products sustainably
  • Becoming Sustainable in a generation at its offices and factories
  • Making its products sustainable from design to disposal
  • Helping customers become more sustainable
  • Inspiring every associate to get involved

“This is an exciting next stage of our sustainability journey. We have made a strong set of commitments as we continue to embed sustainability throughout our business. The only way we can make sustainability truly live is through our associates. Over the next few months you will hear more much more from us on our sustainability journey and how you can get involved.” Kate Wylie, Global Sustainability Manager, Mars Drinks.

We Are Mars Drinks!

Mars Drinks is built on the energy and enthusiasm of its people, and so Associates are at the heart of Our Path to Sustainability. The business encourages every associate to get involved by putting our Principles in Action. Whether it is thinking about how they can drive sustainability through team activities or actively reducing energy consumption by switching off lights when not in use, Mars Drinks’ Path to Sustainability is built on contributions we can all make.

So many people have helped make this happen! Thanks to each and every one of them and thank you in advance for helping embed this platform into our business.

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