UNCLE BEN’S® Ready Rice® Whole Grain Brown officially a “Good Source of Fiber”


UNCLE BEN’S® Ready Rice® Whole Grain Brown is the first whole grain brown rice to officially claim that it is a “Good Source of Fiber”. It delivers higher levels of fiber and has demonstrated clinically to be a low glycemic index food.

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Linh Bui, PhD, with Food North Amercia Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, conducted research that demonstrated that UNCLE BEN’S® Ready to Heat (RTH) rice has higher levels of fiber and a lower glycemic index than regular rice.

Mike Wilson, VP, R&D, explains, “Due to the additional contribution of natural resistant starch (starch that resists digestion and meets the fiber definition) in our premium rice variety our Ready to Heat whole grain brown rice exceeds the requirement for a fiber claim.

The “Good Source of Fiber” claim is educating consumers about the benefits of Uncle Ben’s rice, elevating the image of rice, and ultimately helping consumers select foods that are better for them. “The work that led to the claim has inspired a globally coordinated initiative to bring fiber claims to our rice products through resistant starch,” Mike said. “This is now a central component of our health and nutrition strategy.”

Mars has also initiated and collaborated with the US Rice Federation to achieve the first FDA-endorsed health claim on rice.  The  FDA “Whole Grain Brown Rice Heart Health” claim states, “Diets rich in whole grain foods like brown rice and other plant foods and low in fat, saturated fat and cholesterol, may help reduce the risk of heart disease & certain cancers.”

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