Howard-Yana Shapiro appears at TEDMED 2012

Howard-Yana Shapiro appears at TEDMED 2012

Addressed TEDMED audience on ‘What is the source of all life?’

Mars’ Howard-Yana Shapiro, global staff officer, plant science and external research, appeared amongst over 70 eminent speakers and addressed the TEDMED audience on Wednesday April 11th, on the topic of ‘What is the source of all life?’

Shapiro’s TED Talk focused on the importance of plant science, particularly understanding genomics and the role that it can play as a solution to fighting food scarcity, chronic hunger and malnutrition. Elaborating more, Shapiro highlighted Mars’ collaboration with the African Orphan Crops Consortium that includes the African Union, The New Partnership For Africa’s Development, the Beijing Genomic Institute, World Wildlife Fund, Life Technologies, University of California, Davis and many other partners in mapping and sequencing the genomes of 100 traditional African  food crops that would both enable greater production yields and produce higher nutrient content for society over the decades to come.

April of this year marked the third year Mars, Incorporated appeared at TEDMED – the global health and medicine conference which included an audience of approximately 1,500 influential and high-profile leaders, academics, scientists and visionaries from all sectors of society. The conference took place between April 10 - 13 in the The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC and explored the promise of technology and potential of human achievement in health and medicine.

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