Mars Associates Volunteer To Create A Better World For Pets

During October, as part of the Mars Volunteer Program, Associates across the Mars Petcare US network volunteered to support pet adoption efforts.

In Tennessee, Associates from Mars Petcare US gave their time volunteering at five animal shelters which have partnered with Mars for The PEDIGREE Feeding Project®.  As part of Mars’ commitment to putting Principles into Action, Associates helped out at five partner shelters over five days, participating in a number of improvement projects including installing fencing, cleaning flower beds and building storage sheds.

In an effort to help some of the eight million homeless dogs and cats find new homes through adoption, Mars sites hosted successful adoption events that found new homes for over 400 pets. Overall, Mars Associates donated almost 4,700 volunteer hours and provided care for 7,903 pets.
“This was a was a great opportunity for us to give something back to the local community, and change the lives of hundreds of pets for the better,” said Mars Petcare Associate Christin Lamberth, ‘At the office we work to make a better world for pets, so it was an amazing experience to be able to help hands on for such a valuable cause.’

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