Make the Difference nominees

Make the Difference nominees

Every other year, we celebrate Associates who put our principles into action and bring innovative thinking, fresh perspectives and personal commitment to improve our communities, our environment, our workplace and our business. We recognize their contributions through our Make the Difference program.

Balanced Leadership in China

Colleagues nominated Yang Chungang, a Shift Manager in Huairou, China, for a People Award for his unique approach to line management: “The Art of Balance: Line Managing as a Traditional Oriental Family.”

Chungang applies the ying and yang of traditional Chinese parenting skills to his management approach, balancing performance-related traits with tasks such as learning, teamwork and work-life balance.

Colleagues say Chungang is a “trustworthy role model with high integrity” who demonstrates “excellent execution, strong leadership and selflessness.” After 14 years of implementation of “The Art of Balance,” both safety and Associate engagement have increased at the site.

Boosting Recycling in Russia

Gulnaz Minnullina and Olga Pavlova, from Stupino, Russia, recognized that their factory didn’t manage waste effectively. Their Make the Difference project, Sustainable Waste Management, began in 2007, when 80 percent of the site’s waste was sent to landfill and only three waste streams were recycled. The pair, with help from fellow Associates, implemented a process based on the waste hierarchy of reduce, reuse, replace and recycle. Fifteen waste streams are now recycled.

Not only does this project benefit the environment, it also benefits the business. The plant has reduced waste-disposal costs by more than 70 percent since 2007 and added a new revenue stream through the sale of certain kinds of waste.

Gulnaz and Olga knew that involving fellow Associates was key to their success and worked hard to ensure their understanding and support. The project was so successful that they are taking the approach to other sites in the region.

See the Operations section [link] for a Q&A with Gulnaz about this project.

Insights Lead to Innovation in Canada

Consumers don’t always associate convenient food with healthy food, at least that’s what research showed Mars Food in Canada. Seeing an opportunity to leverage this insight and ease the burdens of time-strapped consumers, a team from Mars Food Canada put their heads together to expand our UNCLE BEN’Sâ BISTRO EXPRESSâ ready-to-heat range of products.

Associates had the freedom to develop a product that was convenient, delicious and nutritionally balanced. By adding chicken and other proteins to a ready-to-heat rice product, the UNCLE BEN’Sâ BISTRO EXPRESS® products were born and  the team won a global Make the Difference Innovation nomination.

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