MY COCOA PAPER™ is a line of quality handmade paper products made in cocoa communities using 70-percent natural cocoa bark and 30-percent recycled office paper waste.

The products include journals, notebooks, stationery, greeting cards and business products. Customers can choose from our seasonal range of products or order customized products.

MY COCOA PAPER™ uniquely creates opportunities for women and artisans to earn fair wages by turning cocoa tree bark and paper waste into 100% handmade and sustainable paper products. Our products encourage farmers to engage in eco-friendly farming practices that lead to higher cocoa yields – the result is better livelihoods for farmers and more sustainable chocolate for the rest of us.

A portion of proceeds raised from the sale of MY COCOA PAPER™ products is reinvested directly back into programs that benefit cocoa communities. Learn more about our impact and follow our efforts at

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