Innovative pilot programs for sustainable coffee sourcing

Innovative pilot programs for sustainable coffee sourcing

Mars Drinks has four pilot programs underway to assess the impacts on farmers, communities and the environment of the agricultural sustainability programs we run in coffee growing communities.

The four pilots in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Tanzania and Peru, not only involve COSA, but also two coffee traders, Sustainable Harvest and ECOM. The aim is to provide full transparency about the impacts of our programs at origin in a way that is comparable across geographies and over time.

The pilots will enable us to:

  •  Define consistent social, environmental and economic indicators
  •  Gather and share accurate data through a transparent supply chain
  •  Evaluate the impact of sustainability projects in the communities where we source
  •  Base our future investments on sound evidence.

This work will take place in three phases:

  • First, we will invest in programs to improve agricultural practices, for example by introducing organic composting techniques. All programs aim to increase coffee quality and productivity and are tailored to local communities’ needs.


  • Second, we will partner with coffee traders to develop a commercial sustainability dashboard that reports on a small number of key indicators.


  • Finally, we will audit our coffee supplies using COSA’s more detailed methodology, which uses surveys and field observations. This work will be carried out by independent, expert partners.


We know farmers have to make tough decisions about managing their crops, often based on limited information. To empower farmers to lead their own development, we aim to share the pilots’ findings with all those involved across the supply chain.

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