Mars Volunteer Program 2011 highlights

Mars Volunteer Program 2011 highlights

Here are just a few examples of how Mars Associates made a difference in their local communities through their MVP experiences:

Health and Prosperity for Our Communities

  • During a U.S. national sales meeting, 500 Wrigley Associates supported several local organizations including the local food bank, where they packed backpacks (complete with toothbrushes) for local students and worked in a community garden to help grow fresh food and vegetables for residents in need.
  • During the weeks leading up to World Food Day on October 16 2011, Associates throughout Spain collected staple foods such as oil, milk, rice, pasta, and legumes for local food banks. They donated a total of 1,500 kilos of food. Wrigley matched the weight with dental kit donations.
  • Wrigley Associates in Israel, Russia, Greece and the U.S. provided oral health information to local students, while a team in Baddi, India, provided dental clinics to those in need. In cooperation with local dentists, Associates in Guangzhou, China, worked with local schools to provide 375 teachers and students with oral health information and on-site dental health check-ups. A team in the Philippines conducted additional oral health outreach as part of the Wrigley Foundation’s 2-year, US$3 million health partnership with Save the ChildrenTM.
  • Associates in California participated in Blessings in a Backpack, a program that supplies students eligible for free or reduced-price school meals with a backpack of food for the weekend. Associates at two U.S. sites provided backpacks to more than 4,800 students in 12 schools.

A Better World for Pets

  • Associates in Gargzdai, Lithuania, volunteered at a local elementary school to promote responsible pet ownership. The event brought together 1,500 people from the local community, as well as 220 dogs, 30 cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas, and a grass snake. ‘5 Paws’, an animal adoption agency, found loving homes for 13 dogs and five cats during the event.
  • In Lima, Peru, Associates helped clean a local animal shelter and donated medicine and dog food for the animals kept there.
  • Following the 2011 tsunami, Associates in Japan partnered with a local shelter to create a “Pet Camp” for animals that were separated from their owners. Associates walked dogs, served food and cleaned the facilities. Vets from Mars Petcare conducted regular checkups for the animals in the shelter.

A Greener Planet

  • Wrigley Go Green teams around the world improve quality of life by leading litter clean-up events in parks and on beaches, and by planting trees. This is part of Wrigley’s wider Go Green initiative, which increases awareness of sustainable practices and encourages Associates to incorporate more sustainable actions into their daily routines and business decisions. Watch highlights from 2011
  • In Viersen, Germany, Associates partnered with the city’s Mayor to redevelop a community park. They designed and built a nature trail and insect ‘hotel,’ and placed benches throughout the park.
  • Associates in Ohio, U.S., participated in the “Keep Cincinnati Beautiful” program, where they helped with landscaping and litter removal efforts.
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